Giving Options

God is so good to us and promises to be our shelter even during difficult times! Even though His blessings involve far more than a financial income, He only expects us to bring Him tithes and Promises (regular/systematic offerings) after He blesses us first . If you have been blessed in that way, and want to recognize it before Him, here are some options:

  • Direct Bank deposit
    • Ask your church treasurer, look on official church’s publications or website, for the correct bank account. Don’t send any deposit to a person’s account—it must be the local church bank account.
    • Send an e-mail to the church’s treasurer with your identification and the breakdown of your giving: specify how much you want to give to tithe, how much to offerings, etc.
    • Expect a receipt. If you identified yourself, you are entitled to receive a receipt. A receipt helps to protect you and the church in the process of giving.



ACC # 015C008550500


  • Check
    • You may send a check to our church:Please contact us, for more information about this option.
  • Tithe Envelopes
    • If you are physically in our local church, you can use a tithe envelope for all your giving.
    • Provide the breakdown of your giving, so the funds may be correctly assigned to their destination.
    • If you identify yourself correctly, you are entitled to receive a receipt.
  • Keep money safe until the church re-opens
    • If there are no other options available to you, consider setting aside your tithe and Promise (regular and systematic offering) every week until the church re-opens.

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